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Coaching women to reach their professional and career goals

"A promotion! I worked hard to get to this level of responsibility.  How can I develop a success plan to make a significant impact and leave no doubt I am ready for this new role?"

"Help! The Company is under acquisition;  how do I survive? How do I use this situation to ensure I am perceived as an asset?"

"I'm not where I thought I would be at this stage in my career; it's frustrating. What is the best approach to change my situation and the perception of my capability?"

"Wow, this isn't the company I joined 20 years ago. These are scary times. I don't know how to operate in this new culture.  Should I stay?  Is it time for me to move on?"

"I'm known for the excellent results I deliver, I'm confused as to why I'm not getting high profile, challenging assignments anymore. How can I turn this around?"

"It's a bit embarrassing not to be on the High Potential list anymore.  How do I repair my image?"

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