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Ericka uses active listening techniques, asks for clarification on what she believes she hears, asks probing questions (ouch!), and then asks me how I intend to move forward in my process because she knows that each person has the "power" and "know how" within them. 

Ericka is able to express genuine empathy while encouraging you to own your process.  I could go on, but I'll end by using her business title:  I am "Moving Forward, Shaping [My] Reality." 

-S.M. Harris, Business Owner

Complete Wellness & Associates, LLC

"Ericka is my "turn around" coach. She helped me in areas I didn't realize I needed help. She taught me several strategic approaches in a way I could easily understand and immediately apply which has enhanced my work life. Through her listening skills, she asks thought provoking questions which helped me see differently. One of the most important things is that she creates a safe and trustworthy environment to have real, authentic conversations. I highly recommend Ericka Foley."

-S.B. Smith, CMP

“Ericka's years of experience in the corporate world give her a wisdom that is invaluable to her coaching clients. Her experience, wisdom and honesty help her clients develop clarity and insight and the ability to not only achieve their goals, but go further than what they even dreamed. I look forward to my coaching sessions with Ericka, because I know that I will be challenged and growth is guaranteed. Her forthright and caring approach is indispensable and has helped ensure my personal and professional development.”


-Carla H., North Carolina

"I knew from my very first meeting with Ericka that she was the coach I wanted to hire for help with my job search. Ericka helped me clarify my career goals, update my resume, interview successfully, and ultimately secure the job I wanted! Ericka is extremely insightful and asks all the right questions. She is also patient, kind and understanding. I especially appreciated that she was available when I needed her by phone or text in between sessions. I HIGHLY recommend Ericka for career coaching!"


J. B. Szolwinski.

“Ericka has been coaching me for the last 6 months on workplace, career, health and relationship issues.  I leave each session with increased clarity regarding my concerns and options.  Ericka excels at creating a safe space for me to think through issues, and to examine those issues in the context of past events.  When appropriate, she provides wise counsel which is always on point and helpful.  Sessions with Ericka are unfailingly thought-provoking and energizing.  Working with her has contributed to my personal and professional growth and increased my satisfaction with all areas of my life.  I'm looking forward to our continuing coaching relationship.”

-Client, Annapolis, MD

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